Our Intent: To bring traditional Islamic texts to the modern Muslim reader.

We are Atiqah Osman and Fadhilah Wahid, a two-person team based in Singapore. Since 2016, we have been assisting our teachers in Singapore and Yemen to publish books and e-books for fundraising purposes.

Four years later, our teachers have encouraged us to launch our own platform in order to:

1) Make traditional Islamic texts more accessible to the modern Muslim reader
2) Bring back to life traditional Islamic texts that are no longer in print
3) Give fair royalties to the authors of books (i.e. the asatizah)

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And success is only with Allah. Please keep us in your prayers!

P/s. The ‘Di’ in DiDarayn refers to the Malay word for ‘In’, while ‘Darayn’ refers to the Arabic word for ‘two abodes’ (ie. this world and the Hereafter). DiDarayn is thus a lifestyle: to live in this world, always for the next.